Tried products from NELF USA for the first time and here’s what I think about them

I recently cam across a new beauty brand called NELF USA. Their range of products and variety seemed interesting . I picked up 2 products from this brand and have been using them since a while now. So now, obviously, I wanted to share all the details about these products with you all.

Without wasting any more time, let’s begin with the details.

The two products that I bought from this brand are NELF USA Velvet Touch Creamy Matte lipstick (Coral Pink) and NELF USA Professional Eyeliner (Green).

NELF USA Velvet Touch Creamy Matte lipstick

Velvet Touch Creamy Matte Lipstick has a very unique light weight formula with 18hr lasting intense colour, enriched with Vit-E, Almond Oil which keeps the hydration level in balance. It applies smoothly in just one stroke & gives a perfect matte finish without any drying effect on lips. VTCM Lipstick is uniquely formulated and has SPF 15, also, is Lead Free, Paraben Free & 100% Vegan.


This lipstick comes in a transparent and black, plastic tube from which you can easily see the shade of the lipstick. The tube is pretty easy to carry in a handbag.


This lipstick is available in 10 beautiful shades that are suitable for almost every skin type.


NELF USA Velvet Touch Creamy Matte lipstick is priced at INR 799

NELF USA Professional Eyeliner

Professional Eyeliner by NELF has a luxurious, intense formula infused with VIT – E benefits. It is a back & forth revolving pencil eyeliner with a sharpener at the end. Best to use for smoky eyeshadow looks or to create eyeshadow base followed by same colour eyeshadow (matte or shimmer)on the eyelids. A waterproof formula dermatologically tested. Easy to remove with a standard make-up remover.


This eyeliner comes in a sleek, triangular, retractable pencil packaging and has a sharpener at one end.


NELF USA Professional Eyeliner is available in three shades i.e. blue, green and brown.


This eyeliner is priced at INR 225

Where to buy NELF USA products:

You can buy NELF USA products from their website. These products are also available at Nykaa, Purplle and some other e-commerce portals.

My experience:

I am gonna talk about the 2 products separately here. Firstly, the lipstick has a good formulation. It’s easy to apply and gives a nice matte finish. As per the claims, it doesn’t have a drying effect on the lips. The pigmentation is also very good. Also, the shade I bought is a bright shade and hence, one swipe was enough to get good amount of color on the lips. I have worn this for hours and it has not smudged or come off at all. The packaging, I feel, is ok. The plastic tube might break easily if it happens to fall accidentally. For a relatively newer brand, I feel the price is a bit on a higher side. Overall, I would say this lipstick is a decent buy.


Now coming to the Professional Eyeliner, I have bought the one in Green and I have always used it on my lower lash line because that’s how I like to apply colored liners often. I rarely apply colored liner on the upper lash line. And even if I do, I generally prefer liquid liners as my eye area is a bit oily and I get conscious about the pencil liner smudging after some time. NELF USA Professional Eyeliner is a very sleek pencil and is easy to apply. It glides smoothly over the skin and has a good pigmentaion level. I like how the brand has provided a sharpener at one end of the pencil. If we talk about the lasting power of the eyeliner, it is not that great. I have experienced that the color starts smudging after some time. This might be because I have oily/ combination skin. It might not be the same with people who have normal or dry skin. Overall, I am not really that happy with this product.

Here’s a quick summary for all of you:

Lipstick –

  • good formulation
  • gives a nice, matte finish without any drying effect
  • good pigmentation
  • lasts for a long time
  • packaging not that great
  • a bit costly

Eyeliner –

  • glides smoothly and easy to apply
  • comes with a sharpener at one end
  • good pigmentation
  • color starts smudging after some time (might not happen if you have normal or dry skin)
  • Decently priced

Rating: Overall, I feel the products I tried are decent and not that great. My rating for the lipstick would be 3/5 and for the eyeliner would be 2/5.

Here’s more pictures to help you understand how the lipstick and eyeliner looks.


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