RichFeel Ice Cube 2.0 laser hair reduction technology – review

Hair removal can be a difficult task. There are a lot of options available for hair removal like waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, etc. However, these need to be repeated at regular intervals to keep the skin hair free and smooth. A permanent hair removal solution is something that we all would always like, isn’t it? As you must be aware, a laser treatment is available at many places which provides a permanent solution to get rid of the unwanted hair. However, people complain that the laser treatments are painful and tedious and hence avoid these.

RichFeel has launched a brand new laser hair reduction technology – Ice Cube 2.0, which is quick and causes minimal pain. This is the latest hair reduction technology that provides permanent hair reduction and claims to offer maximum comfort and no recovery time.


I recently decided to try this new laser hair removal technology and I was very impressed with this new treatment.

Let me take you through all the details of Ice Cube 2.0 and my experience while undergoing this treatment.

What is RichFeel Ice Cube 2.0?

This is the latest cooling, permanent hair reduction method that causes minimal pain with its best-in-class laser technology. The latest laser technology has been imported from Europe and offers the most effective, quick and painless hair removal with maximum comfort and no recovery time.


What is the process followed?

Initially, there is a session with a dermatologist who will ask you details about your health, skin type, any issues, etc. This is basically to understand if they need to take extra care while doing the process, if you have any allergies for which they might need to look for some alternatives, how your skin can react to the treatment, etc.

For the actual hair removal process, the skin area that needs to be treated is cleaned, all the hair is removed using a razor, a treatment ointment is applied after which the laser machine is used on the area under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Then they again analyse the area to ensure that the treatment is done properly and apply a post-treatment cream which contains SPF to prevent any damage to the skin area. And that’s it, the treatment is done.

There are two post-treatment products that you need to use for effective results. One product is to be used during day time (this is supposed to be applied in the morning) and one product needs to be used at night. These products further help with the hair reduction process and act on your skin in such a way that the hair growth is completely stopped. These also help in getting rid of any residual hair in the skin area.

How was my experience?

I was really skeptical and worried before undergoing the treatment. Initially I was given a form wherein I had to submit my details about my age, health, skin issues, allergies, etc. After this I had a consultation session with a dermatologist. She was very good and explained me how the treatment will be done, what all precautions I need to take, etc. She also asked me a lot of questions about my health and lifestyle.

After this I went to the treatment room where my skin area (to be treated) was thoroughly cleaned and shaved to get rid of any hair. Then they applied an ointment (a gel) which was very cooling. Then the skin area was treated with the laser machine. When they use the laser my eyes were covered with glasses to avoid any damage to my eyes in case the laser enters the eye. During the treatment I felt a slight tingle in the area and the skin turned a bit reddish. This is actually a sign that the treatment is working.

The entire treatment was done under the supervision of a dermatologist. She was ensuring that the person is using the machine properly and that there are no issues. She was also checking the skin area regularly to ensure there is no damage (by any chance) and that the treatment is being done correctly. The treatment time depends on the area you opt for. However, the entire process was very fast and I didn’t even realise that I am undergoing any treatment as such. It was really very comfortable and simple.

After the treatment, they applied a post-treatment ointment which contains SPF. This is used to further help the hair removal process and to avoid any damage to the skin due to external factors.

There are certain things I was asked to follow after the treatment. I was not supposed to wear dark colored clothing for 3-4 days. I had to avoid swimming, gymming for a few days.

There are two products that I was asked to use after the treatment. One product is to be applied in day time and one needs to be used at night. These products further work on the skin and accelerate the hair reduction process. They also help in getting rid of any residual hair in the skin.

So far, I have only done one session of the treatment and I already see a huge difference in the hair growth (or rather no growth 🙂 ). Its been more than 3 weeks since I did my first session and, believe it or not, I really have no hair growth yet. Just a few hair strands are seen. I am really impressed with the results. However, the results differ from person to person. The results are also dependent on your normal hair growth, hair strength, etc. So yes, I am really happy with this treatment and look forward to complete further sessions and get rid of those unwanted hair permanently. I am glad I decided to opt for this treatment.

Here are some quick points to summarize the details for you:

  • quick and effective
  • comfortable and painless
  • cool laser which feels better than the normal laser treatment
  • non-complicated
  • good results
  • affordable

If you want permanent hair removal solution without much hassle, I totally recommend the Ice Cube 2.0 technology by RichFeel. You will not be disapointed with this.

Rating: 4.5/5

P.S: RichFeel is currently running a launch offer on the Ice Cube 2.0 treatment. You can take advantage of the offer and get rid of those unwanted hair at really affordable price. Visit their website or the nearest RichFeel center soon to book your session for permanent hair removal.


4 thoughts on “RichFeel Ice Cube 2.0 laser hair reduction technology – review

    1. Hi Deekshith. The cost will depend on the body part you plan to get treated. Currently they are running an introductory offer for full body treatment. You can check about the same at a nearest RichFeel center.


      1. Hi. Unfortunately I do not have a comprehensive list for the treatment cost for different body parts. The cost depends on the body part to be treated, hair length, thickness,etc. You can check with the nearest Richfeel center to know the exact rates. They were running an offer wherein the charges for full body treatment were INR 45,000 for unlimited sessions.


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