Retail Jeweller India Awards 2017 Jury Meet

For all you jewellery lovers and admirers, I have something very interesting for you today. Get ready to indulge in some visual treat with all things sparkly, royal and mesmerizing.


The Jury meet of the 13th Annual Gemfields Retail Jeweller India Awards 2017 recently happened. I was very excited to be a part of the Jury meet this year as well.

The Jury members this year included Michelle Poonawala, Nawaz Modi Singhania, Namrata Baruwa Shroff, Schauna Chauhan Saluja and Sangeeta Bijlani. Shriya Pilgaonkar, Sayani Gupta and Ruhi Singh also added to the glamour quotient of the event with their presence as Jewellery Buffs. And yes, there were a lot of stunning and creative jewellery designs from the bestest jewellery houses of India all around us sparkling beautifully and inviting us to admire them endlessly.

Namrata ShroffSchauna


Sangeeta Bijlani


ShriyaSayani GuptaRuhi Singh

This year 5 new categories were introduced which includes mens jewellery, 9 to 5 jewellery, modular jewellery, colored gemstone jewellery and Revival style design of the year.


Image: Menswear Jewellery 


Image: 9 to 5 collection


Image: Modular jewellery


Image: Colored gemstone jewellery


Browsing through all the designs at the Jury meet felt dreamy. All of the designs were so unique and awe-inspiring. The detailing, the uniqueness of each design, the delicacy and the craftsmanship was simply spectacular. It was definitely very difficult to choose the favourite ones. I am sure it was a really tough job for the jury to decide on which one would be a winner in the respective categories.

I really loved the new categories of ‘modular jewellery’ and ‘colored gemstone jewellery’ that they introduced this year. I feel the designs are very apt for the young generation and all the designs were a good mix of simplicity as well as uniqueness. But yes, the most favourite category for me was definitely the ‘diamond jewellery’. I can never get over those designs and who doesn’t love diamonds, right?

Image: Some of the best accessory designs


We spent a lot of time browsing through all the designs, admiring the creativity and clicking a lot of pictures. I can’t wait to see who are the winners for all the categories. The awards are scheduled for end of July. Stay tuned till then to know which designs win the awards.

Now it’s time for you all to witness some of the unique and beautiful jewellery pieces from the Jury meet of Retail Jeweller India Awards 2017.

Let me know which ones are your favorite. ❤ ❤


These are some of the prettiest rings I have seen. What do you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aren’t these bangles and cuffs beautiful?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Wedding Jewellery collection (Gold):

















Wedding Jewellery collection (Diamond):



Some more designs I liked from the nominations.



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