MET Gala 2017 – Red Carpet looks we love

As we all know, MET Gala 2017 recently happened and we all are surely going crazy over the gorgeous as well as funky looks adorned by the stars at the event.

Here are a few of our favourite looks from the event. What we love about these looks is that, they are amazing (of course), easy to carry and practical. All these looks can be created by anyone of us and we can practically wear these in our day-to-day lives (of course for some special occasions only).

So here you go, adore these mesmerizing looks and do let us know which one’s your favourite. 🙂 🙂

look 1

look 2 (

look 3

look 4

look 5

look 6

look 7

look 8

look 9

look 10

look 11

look 12

look 15

look 13

look 14

(Image courtesy –


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